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How to Literally Make Sure of Your Ground, Before You Subdivide Your Property

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Several years ago, you may have bought a nice parcel of land on the edge of your community with future investment in mind. It may have been away from the focus of activity at that time, allowing you to buy it very cost-effectively. Fast forward to today and the entire area has been built up, which has added a lot to the value of your parcel and it is now time for you to take action. However, while you may be thinking about subdividing the area for individual sale, you must be sure that you do this properly and have very accurate information or you may run into problems. How should you proceed?

Times Have Changed

As time passed and the make-up of the area changed, you may have welcomed different neighbours on most sides of your property. Even though your land may have been surveyed by the local council at some point, it's therefore likely that portions of this data have changed, and you need to make sure it is modified accordingly. You have to be particularly careful before you interact with these neighbours anyway, especially if you have to bring some utility supplies in and across their land.


The first step, therefore, is to re-establish the boundary by bringing in surveyors for this purpose. They begin by taking a trip to the local council offices, so they can look at the records and pick out any reference marks. They may also look for appropriate markers on your land or adjacent property, which may have been left by developers or surveyors in the past and they will try to cross-reference all of these indicators for best effect.

Eliminating Confusion

The objective here is to avoid any confusion in the future by correctly identifying the exact location of each property and legal boundary. This can certainly become quite complex and especially if previous records are somewhat sparse. Therefore, you should allow enough time for the job to be completed with full confidence so that you can minimise any potential issues in due course.

Why You Need to Be Cautious

Remember, when you do sell part of your land to somebody else, you lose some of your rights and they gain a lot more power. You have to take this into account as you market your property to buyers and while this can be particularly lucrative in your case, it will all start with a comprehensive land survey.

For more information, contact your local subdivision professionals.