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Why You Should Consider an Indirect-Direct Evaporative Air Conditioning Unit

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Evaporative air conditioning units use evaporating water to create a cooling effect instead of the refrigeration systems in standard air conditioning units. They are sometimes referred to as two-stage evaporative air conditioning units and have many benefits. Therefore, if you are looking for an air conditioning unit, here are reasons why you should consider investing in this type of air conditioner. 

Indirect-Direct Evaporative Air Conditioner Has Relatively Fewer Parts

Compared to standard or refrigerated air conditioners, indirect-direct evaporative air conditioning has relatively fewer mechanical parts. For instance, besides the fans, the only other equipment required for the cooling process in these units are the pumps, which is unlike refrigerated units that need compressors too. This comes in handy in terms of maintenance costs. That is, having fewer parts lowers the risk of malfunction as well as the maintenance needed on these units. Apart from the low maintenance, this also mean that relatively fewer parts will require power. Therefore, the costs of operating these units can also go down.

Indirect-Direct Evaporative Air Conditioners Are More Energy Efficient

One of the major reasons why you should consider these types of units is the energy efficiency that comes with them. When compared with standard refrigerated air conditioning units, indirect-direct evaporative systems can be more energy efficient because they function by cooling air in two stages. The process begins with hot air from outside passing through a heat exchanger (indirect stage). The sensible heat in the air is then removed as it passes through this exchanger. This first stage cools air without adding moisture, which means that in order to achieve the desired cooling temperatures, less humidity will be transferred to the second stage. In the second stage, referred to as the direct stage, the cooled air from the first stage is then passed through an evaporative medium to be cooled even further. Indirect-direct systems are usually combined with vapour compression to enhance their efficiency.

Indirect-Direct Evaporative Air Conditioners Can Provide Better Comfort

These units can offer better comfort than their refrigerated or compressor-based systems. This is because they maintain a more favourable range of indoor humidity. They do so because by operating in a somewhat continuous mode, they are able to circulate just enough air in your home to make it comfortable without a significant change in temperature.

While these systems can be more energy efficient and may help you save some money, they are better suited for hot climates with low levels of humidity. Therefore, they may not be as effective in areas with high relative humidity such as the coastal regions.