Planning the Redevelopment of Your Home

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How to Replace a Garage Door Roller

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When the roller for your garage door breaks, the door will no longer work correctly. To repair the door so you can use your garage again, you will need to replace the roller. Here is a step by step guide you can follow to help you carry out this repair. 1. Secure the Door A broken door roller can cause the mechanism that usually holds the garage door open to fail. Read More»

How to Literally Make Sure of Your Ground, Before You Subdivide Your Property

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Several years ago, you may have bought a nice parcel of land on the edge of your community with future investment in mind. It may have been away from the focus of activity at that time, allowing you to buy it very cost-effectively. Fast forward to today and the entire area has been built up, which has added a lot to the value of your parcel and it is now time for you to take action. Read More»

How an Epoxy Coating Can Protect Polished Concrete Floors

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Many commercial facilities and residential garages have polished concrete floors, as concrete is very durable and strong, yet very attractive when buffed and polished! Concrete can be painted any colour, so you might have a warehouse floor painted a dark colour to hide dirt and footprints, or painted various colours for designating storage areas, pedestrian lanes and the like.  To protect polished concrete floors, a layer of epoxy can be added over its surface. Read More»

2 tips for those who want to renovate an older house

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If you have decided to renovate an older property, here is some advice that may make this experience a little easier. 1. Repair cracks in the concrete foundation before fitting new flooring Lots of older properties have cracks in their concrete foundations. These cracks may have developed as a result of water damage, soil erosion or issues with the structural framework. As such, at the start of your renovation project, you should check for cracks in the house’s foundation. Read More»

Selecting the right skylight windows for your property

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Skylight windows can provide great functional benefits for your home, they open up new areas to natural light, and add value and sophistication to your property. Skylight windows can be a real asset to your home, but installing one isn’t always a straightforward process. You will need to think about the placement of your skylight, how you will use the surface around the skylight, and the area under the skylight. Read More»

What You Need to Know About Pallet Crates

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Some people may be undecided on whether they should buy plywood boxes or pallet crates for their storage applications. Such people may be undecided because they don’t have sufficient information to help them to decide one way or the other. This article discusses some of the important information which you need in order to decide whether pallet crates are right for you or not. Types of Pallet Crating Pallet crates come in three different designs. Read More»

Marina Construction: Three Crucial Guidelines for Increasing Long-term Revenue

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If you are planning on building a new marina or expanding your old one, you should focus on creating a design that will maximise your profits. Marinas can be lucrative if they are constructed with long-term business goals in mind. Under ideal circumstances, you should discuss your objectives with your marina builders and designers. These experts will help evaluate your location’s potential and make the right decisions for the construction project. Read More»

Land Purchase: Critical Survey Considerations for a Successful Transaction

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If you are planning on purchasing new land for home construction or development, you should ensure that a detailed survey is carried out before the completion of the transaction. Often, property buyers skip this important process because of the total costs of the survey. If this is your concern, you should remember that land purchase is an expensive investment which must be safeguarded. If you forego property surveying and a problem is discovered later, your financial losses could be debilitating. Read More»

Custom Home: Three Essential Considerations for an Ideal Floor Plan

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Building a home with a customised floor plan on your lot can be highly beneficial. In simple terms, this construction option will allow you to establish a house which matches your unique needs and lifestyle. Therefore, you will not need to spend money in the future to modify the features and structure to conform to your preferences and standard. However, you should note that building a custom home requires a lot of research on your part to make sure that you get the best results. Read More»