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Selecting the right skylight windows for your property

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Skylight windows can provide great functional benefits for your home, they open up new areas to natural light, and add value and sophistication to your property. Skylight windows can be a real asset to your home, but installing one isn't always a straightforward process. You will need to think about the placement of your skylight, how you will use the surface around the skylight, and the area under the skylight.

Can the right glazing help protect you from the sun?

Providing natural light is good, but a skylight can often attract too much heat and UV light leading to a greenhouse effect. A greenhouse effect can make the inside of the property uncomfortably warm, and potentially dangerous. With the right type of glazing in your skylight windows you can prevent this effect becoming an issue. You could try tinted windows, these windows will reduce the overall amount of light entering the property. Alternatively you could opt for solar protection glass which can reflect the UV rays and still allow the full amount of light into the room. The way you use the area behind the skylight will determine which choice is most appropriate for your situation.

Do you need to walk on the skylight?

If you are fitting skylight windows into the roof of your home then you probably don't need to walk on the roof. If, however, you are fitting skylight windows on a building with a roof terrace then the ability to walk on the windows is essential. If you expect regular pedestrian use of the roof area you will need to ensure that they are fitted with glass tough enough to withstand repeated pressure from foot traffic.

Do you need to open the window?

An opening skylight can be good for ventilation but they are not always a safe choice for security reasons. Take some time to consider whether the location you want to place your skylight windows is suitable for windows that are fully opening, partially opening, or whether they should be locked shut.

What shape should your skylight be?

Choosing traditional flat skylight windows will allow plenty of light into your property, but other options are available depending on your needs. If you want to maximise the amount of light that reaches your interior, then pyramid windows can be a good choice to create a lighter and brighter inside space.

When deciding on the size and shape of your windows spend some time thinking about how much light you want to reach the interior of your property, and how the area around the skylight windows will be used before you make your decision. Talking to the skylight windows manufacturers is the best way to get any help or advice you need before making your decision.