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4 Reasons to Opt for Professional vs DIY Concrete Drilling

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Concrete drilling has numerous applications. It’s something commonly done on construction sites, but even residential projects can benefit from concrete drilling when walls need to be drilled through to run wires or fit fixtures and appliances. The process itself might seem fairly straightforward, and there are plenty of companies that hire out concrete drilling equipment. However, that doesn’t mean you should drill through walls or floors yourself. Here are just four reasons to rely on professional concrete drilling rather than going DIY. Read More»

What Entails an Effluent Disposal Report?

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Effluent Disposal Reports are documents derived after an effluent disposal assessment is carried out on an allotment either before installation of an effluent disposal system if the area does not have access to sewer or to retrofit a new system to replace a failed or failing septic system. The purpose of the assessment is to examine subsurface conditions of the area, to check the suitability of the area proposed for effluent disposal, to make estimations of the minimum number of sectors required for disposal and to make recommendations of disposal options. Read More»