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Industrial Scaffolding: Four Installation Tips for Safeguarding Your Employees

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If you are planning on installing industrial scaffolding on your worksite, it is important to ensure that the structure is set up correctly. Poor placement and installation of the elevated access structure will cause instabilities during operations. As a result, accidents and other inconveniences might occur. Moreover, you might delay your project unnecessarily. When setting up the scaffold, you should ensure that the process is supervised by an experienced and competent person. In addition, use the outlined tips for safe equipment installation.

Inspect the Elements

It is important to inspect the scaffolding elements before commissioning the installation of the structure. In simple terms, the scaffold is made up of different structural components. If any part of the structure is not sound and the problem is left undiscovered, you might build an unreliable elevated access unit. If the issue is detected, you might need to delay the installation after the work has begun. Therefore, conduct your inspection and inform your supplier immediately to avoid inefficiencies.

Check the Support

The ground support of industrial scaffolding will determine the structural integrity of the unit. Simply speaking, if the structure is resilient but the base is not stable, it will be difficult to promote optimal performance. The scaffold might not reach its maximum load-bearing capacity. Moreover, it will be easy for the structure to experience problems. Therefore, it is important to clear and create a stable base for scaffold setup. Avoid placing the structure on loose bricks, shifting soil or damaged slabs.

Shield From Fall Accidents

Scaffolds are intended for creating an elevated workspace. Therefore, you must ensure that the people who will be working in this specific area will be protected. It is essential to set up safety features for the sake of preventing accidental falls and instabilities during work. These components will not only provide physical protection. They will also give the workers a sense of security, promoting better working efficiency. Essential safety components include toe boards and guardrails. You might also want to consider external fall protection gear.

Avoid Faulty Hardware

You must inspect the accessories used in installing an industrial scaffold system. The accessories or the hardware are small components in a large structure. However, if they are not reliable, the entire scaffold could fall apart. Therefore, you should acquire the recommended accessories for your scaffold, like brackets, screw legs and braces. These should be in good condition during the initial installation. If you find anomalies in these components in the course of scaffold use, commission immediate replacement.