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How to Clean Your Stainless Steel Floor Waste Covers

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Stainless steel floor waste covers are commonly used in bathrooms or shower areas to prevent debris, such as human hair, from going into the drains. Whether polished, brushed or chrome-plated, these covers need to be routinely cleaned to keep the water flowing down your drains smoothly. 

If you need tips on how you can keep your stainless steel floor drain covers clean, you have come to the right place.

Use the following step-by-step guide to keep the covers clean for maximum water drainage.

Remove the Floor Cover

Stainless steel floor waste covers are typically supplied with a cover removal tool that is meant to make lifting the waste covers easy. You can easily lift your floor drain cover off by vertically gripping its edges and pulling it away from the drain.

If you don't have the tool provided for cover removal, you can always get creative and improvise. For example, you can try using the hook end of your claw hammer to pull the cover away from the floors.

Remove Any Trapped Debris from the Cover

Once you have removed your drain cover, remove all the loose debris trapped in it by hand. Make sure you are wearing a pair of rubber gloves so you can protect your hands from contact with the potentially infectious material.

Clean the Cover

Get started with the cleaning by gently wiping the surface of your floor covers with a wet cloth or sponge. This should take care of any loose dirt left behind after you have removed the debris. 

As for the tougher deposits that remain, you will need to add a little mild household detergent to your water to wipe them off. Apply the soapy solution directly to the surface of your cover using the cleaning cloth or sponge. 

Once you have applied a generous amount of the cleaning solution to the surface of the cover, smear the surface with regular circular movements. Do this until all the deposits are removed. Rinse the cover with plenty of filtered water to get rid of all the detergent.

Avoid using any harsh chemical cleaners that may react with the stainless steel and cause permanent damage.

Dry, Treat and Reinstall the Cover

After rinsing all the detergent off with fresh water, use a clean, dry rag to wipe the cover dry. Treat the dry cover with a layer of high-quality, non-abrasive wax for a protective coating. Once the protective coating has cured, fit the cover over the drain opening.

A little TLC will go a long way in keeping your stainless steel floor waste covers in pristine condition so they can be effective at their job of ensuring maximum water drainage. If you need any help with cleaning and looking after these drain covers, don't hesitate to ask a professional plumber for assistance.

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