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What You Need to Know About Pallet Crates

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Some people may be undecided on whether they should buy plywood boxes or pallet crates for their storage applications. Such people may be undecided because they don't have sufficient information to help them to decide one way or the other. This article discusses some of the important information which you need in order to decide whether pallet crates are right for you or not.

Types of Pallet Crating

Pallet crates come in three different designs. The first version is stationary or fixed. This crate has sides connected to the base in a way that prevents the crate from being folded or collapsed. The second type is the collapsible pallet crate. This variety has hinged sides which can be collapsed so that the empty crates can be stored. The third type is the customisable version. This has collars which can be added or removed in order to increase or reduce the size of the crate. Buyers have the liberty to select the style which is best suited to their needs. For example, people who intend to store different products can opt for pallet collars so that individual collars may be added or removed based on the dimensions of what is being stored at that moment.

Pallet Crating Construction

All pallet crates have a similar base which is made in accordance with the size requirements of the user. The walls of the crates vary in accordance with the user's preferred style. How the walls are connected to the base makes the difference between the three kinds of pallet crating.

Storage of Pallet Crating

The ease with which you can store the pallet crates depends on the specific style which you opted for. Pallet collars are the easiest to store since they can be disassembled in order to pile them in a small space. Stationary pallet crates are the hardest to store when empty because they will still occupy the same amount of space as when they are fully loaded. All pallet crates can be stacked to the limit of the vertical space available without any fear that their structural integrity will be affected by their weight.

The Cost

It is hard to make a blanket statement that pallet crates are affordable or not. This is because the way they are priced usually varies from the way other packaging materials, such as plywood boxes, are priced. Buyers of pallet crates pay for the base and then pay an extra amount for the wraps or walls. That extra cost will depend on how high the wraps or walls are.

Contact several suppliers of new crates and find out how they can work with you to design crates which are suitable for your application. Compare this packing method to other options and select what will address your needs.