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How to spruce up your business premises

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Like it or not, the condition of your enterprise's premises can play a significant role in how it is perceived by customers.  If yours is looking rather worse for wear, here are some simple steps you can take to improve its appearance.

Focus on the exterior

First impressions really do count; if you want visiting clients to view your business as a professional and successful enterprise, it's a good idea to invest some money into the external areas of your premises. To begin with, arrange for a commercial cleaning company to carry out a deep clean of the entire exterior; this may include power-hosing the grounds of the car park and pathways,  removing graffiti, moss and algae from the walls, clearing leaves from the gutters and picking up scraps of rubbish.

If there are hedges, trees or a lawn leading up to the entryway of your premises, consider hiring a professional landscaper to tend to these areas; overgrown, neglected-looking plants and shrubbery will not leave clients with a good impression, and, as such, it is worth splurging on the services of landscaper who will have the know-how needed to whip these areas back into shape.

Replace outdated signage

One of the first things that a person will notice when arriving at a business premises is its exterior signage. Signs provide you with an opportunity to showcase your brand and help potential customers to form a positive opinion of your enterprise. However, if your signage is extremely outdated, shabby-looking or in a font which is difficult to read, it can have the opposite effect.

When it comes to choosing exterior signs, try to opt for ones which not only reflect your brand, but also works well with the architectural style of the building your business  is housed in. So if for example, you have an office that's located in a modern, high-rise building, a retro-style sign would not be the best choice, as it would clash and look a bit out-of-place.

If you do decide to update your signage, consider investing in an illuminated model; whilst unlit signs are almost completely unnoticeable after the sun sets, an illuminated sign can be seen 24 hours a day. Although this type of sign may not be suitable for every business, it's great for anyone who wants round-the-clock advertising, or who runs an enterprise that stays open beyond the usual daytime business hours. Should you opt for an exterior illuminated sign, bear in mind that you will most likely need to hire commercial electrical contractors to have it installed; make sure to factor this expense in when calculating the total cost of this purchase.