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Specialty Plumbers: Different types of plumbers and their specialties

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To most people, plumbers are the people called upon when their basic plumbing repair needs exceed the expertise of their close friends and relatives. However, there are professional plumbers whose specialty exceeds fixing leaky faucets and burst pipes. Depending on the nature of an individual's plumbing needs, it is essential to understand the various plumber specialties so as to know which one to call upon when the need arises. The more specialized tradesmen tackle more complicated problems such as designing, modifying and distributing complex plumbing systems that are essential for day to day life. Deciding on the type of plumber to hire typically depends on the location, nature and magnitude of the plumbing services required, as well as the level of training the plumber has received. Despite sharing some similarities in their training and work, below are three distinct types of plumbers.

Types of plumbers

Commercial Plumbers.

The training and work experience of commercial plumbers revolve around large industrial sized plumbing systems. Examples of such large-scale systems are large public building complexes such as schools, shopping malls, and hospitals. The commercial plumbers get charged with the responsibly of installing, maintaining and repairing the industrial pipes used in such buildings for the delivery of utilities such as water, gas, and in some individual cases the air conditioning vents. Note: Despite the magnitude of their work, commercial plumbers have inadequate training and work experience to handle residential plumbing services and repairs.

Residential Plumbers.

The training undergone by residential plumbers focuses on operating in residential environments that are much smaller than commercial buildings. They are typically called upon when there are new residential construction sites that require pipe installations; as well as when residential homeowners are looking to make changes; such as bathroom renovations or adding hot water pipes, to their current plumbing systems. It is essential to note that this type of plumber is not usually qualified to work on commercial plumbing projects and they are not the kind of workers to call on for minor services such as repairing leaking faucets in a household.

Service and repair plumbers.

These are the most renowned type of specialty plumbing contractors as they are the ones commonly called upon when commercial businesses or homes require plumbing services. They are often referred to as plumbing technicians because the training they receive gets technically centred on solving plumbing issues that may occur in homes and small businesses such as restaurants. Unlike commercial and residential plumbers, these technicians work directly with their clients and thus it's essential for them to be quite personable.