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Benefits Blackbutt Timber Flooring Would Afford Your Home

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The type of flooring material you choose for your home will have a significant impact on the appearance of your interior. This is why it is not uncommon to find numerous homeowners selecting hardwood flooring as their choice material due to the classic appeal it lends to the space. Nevertheless, not all hardwood species are long wearing. You would have to engage in routine maintenance to uphold their appearance, and this can be tedious for homeowners with busy schedules. If you would prefer hardwood flooring but do not want to be tasked with arduous maintenance chores, you may want to consider blackbutt timber flooring. The following are a couple of the various benefits that blackbutt timber flooring would afford your home.

Blackbutt timber flooring is extremely durable

Although hardwood timber species are supposed to be sturdy, the degree of their durability will vary from one species to the next. Blackbutt has exceptional durability, as it is one of the hardwood species that is resistant to a wide assortment of damages. For instance, blackbutt timber gets its name from the charred appearance its bark develops during forest fires. Thus, this type of wood species is highly fire resistant, making it a great choice for people in search of durable flooring.

Secondly, blackbutt timber is also highly resistant to water damage. Therefore, you have the flexibility of installing this type of flooring in areas that experience wet conditions such as the kitchen without having to worry about undue premature damage. Lastly, blackbutt timber is also highly stain-resistant. It will be able to retain its original lustre for longer, which cannot be said for some other types of timber species.

Blackbutt timber flooring requires simple maintenance

To keep your blackbutt timber flooring aesthetically appealing, you will not be required to embark on extensive maintenance measures. The main reason for this is that blackbutt timber is not as absorbent as compared to a host of other lumber species. This decreased absorbency also ensures that your blackbutt timber flooring will not harbour dust and other allergens.

In fact, if you have some mats placed at your entryways, you decrease the amount of dirt tracked into the home, which decreases the frequency of which you would have to clean your flooring. Simply ensure that the blackbutt has been effectively sealed during installation. To maintain the original lustre of your blackbutt, all that would be required is routine sweeping and occasional mopping to eliminate surface grime.