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Five Items to Include When Writing a CV for a Warehousing Labour Job

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If you're interested in working in a warehouse, you may want to sign up with a warehousing labour placement agency. These companies typically request a CV, and if you've never worked in  warehouse before, you may be wondering which skills to note on your resume. Luckily, warehousing labour posts often overlap with other types of jobs. In particular, you may want to include the following types of items on your CV.

1. Forklift Operator

If you have your forklift operating license, you may be in high demand for many warehousing labour positions. Most facilities use forklifts to move pallets, load shelves, pick orders, and a variety of other tasks. Make sure to highlight that you have that skill, and note any certifications or work experience you have with forklifts.

2. Order Picking

A lot of warehouse workers focus on order picking. This process varies based on the technology involved, but generally, the worker gets a list of the items that are needed, and he or she essentially picks those items off the shelf. If you've done similar work in any other industry, note that on your CV. For instance, if you've handled the inventory in the back room of a retail establishment, that is similar to order picking. That is especially true if you had to identify inventory to restock store shelves or to fill customer orders.

3. General Labour Experience

Some warehousing labour jobs just require general labour experience. If you've had labour jobs in the past, list the job and how long you worked there on your CV. If you had any promotions or commendations for your service, note those as well. These details help paint you as a hard worker to the hire company.

4. Packing and Shipping

Packing and shipping is also key in a warehouse. If you've packed up shipments for a retail company, worked for a shipping company, or held similar positions, highlight those skills as well. For instance, you may be familiar with a pallet wrapping machine, have experience using postage metres, or know how to pack boxes to avoid breakage — all of those are marketable skills when you're searching for warehouse jobs.

5. Experience With Hazardous Materials

Some warehouses deal with hazardous materials, and it can be useful to let the recruitment agency know that you have dealt with these substances before. Hire companies like to find experienced workers for their clients. Similarly, if you have food safety training or experience, you may want to note that — it can help snag posts in a food distribution warehouse.

For more tips, talk with a rep from a warehousing labour hire company directly. They can help guide you toward your next job. You can also visit websites like