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Five Tips to Boost Safety on an Industrial Construction Project

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If you are commissioning an industrial construction project for your business, safety should be one of your top concerns. This is true whether you are setting up a renovation, doing a remodel or building an industrial site from the ground up. To help you, here are some safety tips to keep in mind.

1. Look Into Safety Training

There are a number of groups who will come to your organisation and teach your employees and contractors about safety. Depending on your needs, you may want separate safety training sessions for managers, labourers and independent contractors on the site.

Look for training programs that reflect your exact needs. For example, there are safety training sessions on everything from fire safety to fall prevention.

2. Close Off the Work Area

To ensure that no one enters the construction area, unless they have had the proper training, restrict access to these areas. For example, with internal remodels, close off doorways with caution tape or post signs restricting access. For outdoor construction sites, hire cyclone fencing, and use that to surround the area.

3. Hang Safety Signs

At the entry of every construction area, hang a safety sign. Many industrial construction sites hang signs related to how many days the site has functioned without an accident, but in addition to that, you may want to post signs listing the safety gear that people need to wear before they enter the area.

If everyone gets a friendly reminder that they need to pop on a hard hat or wear visible clothing, they will be less likely to enter the area without that equipment and potentially get hurt.

4. Outsource the Work

Rather than doing the construction work yourself or having your employees handle it, consider outsourcing the task to a team of seasoned industrial construction pros. Even if you supply the labourers, you may want to hire specialists to lead the work and oversee the safety elements. It's especially important to contact industrial construction services for projects you aren't familiar with.

5. Work Slowly and Steadily

Finally, the pace you set for the project can also impact safety levels. While it's important to stay on task so that you can complete the work in a timely manner, you need to avoid rushing. Rushing can lead to errors.

Make sure that all equipment from scaffolding to heavy equipment is setup correctly before you use it. Also, review the project regularly to adjust timelines as needed so that your employees don't rush too much.