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Using an Architect Might Not Be as Expensive as You Think

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The sheer price of some traditional architecture services is enough to make some people balk at the cost. Traditionally, an architect will oversee the construction project from conception to completion, and while you might love the idea of using an architect to design your home, it might simply not be feasible in terms of the cost. But of course, in this day and age there are a number of non-traditional services that can change the way something is utilised. This is the same when it comes to hiring an architect. So while the architect might not be as hands-on in the design and construction of your new home as they traditionally would be, architectural advisory services don't have to cost the earth.  You just need to find an architectural advisory service who offers consultations on a session-by-session basis with no ongoing commitment.

Finding the Right Person

Essentially you would still be sitting down with a professional architect. They might be employed by an existing firm while offering their own freelancing service, or the entirety of their work might be as a freelance architectural advisor. You can make a few enquiries as the cost per session can vary depending on who you choose, and you might also wish to view their portfolio to ensure that they are the right person to help realise your dream.

The Initial Meeting

The initial meeting will be to gauge your plans. They won't be designing anything at this stage, and it might never in fact progress to that stage. They will talk about the type of home you wish to build, in conjunction with your budget and the land on which you wish to build. It might simply be that your plans for a Grand Designs style of home are simply unrealistic. After sitting down with a professional architect, you might realise that your initial ideas need to be seriously rethought, and this might involve you going in an entirely different direction, such as purchasing a pre-existing design in a house and land package.

A Basic Sketch

If it turns out that your ideas for your dream home are feasible (or at least can be modified to the point where you're still happy with the compromise) then you might wish to arrange another session with the architectural advisory service. At this point they might provide you with a basic schematic sketch of the proposed home, which you can then take to prospective builders.

More Detailed Planning

A further consultation might involve a fully-realised schematic drawing which can then be taken to a draftsman. Construction could conceivably begin shortly thereafter. From that point onwards you might only consult the architectural advisory service as needed, such as in the unlikely event of encountering problems during construction.

By paying for an architect on a session-by-session basis, you can still utilise this exceedingly beneficial service while keeping your overall costs down.