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Install a New Restaurant Cool Room: 3 Ways an Electrician Can Help

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If you are adding an additional cool room to your restaurant, you will need to call in an electrical contractor to help you out. An electrician will help to select the right location for the cool room as well as ensuring the construction does not have a negative impact on your restaurant's electrical system. Below is a guide to 3 ways in which an electrical contractor will assist you during the installation. 

Mapping the wiring

The first thing an electrical contractor will do is sit down with you to plan the electrical layout. Using a simple diagram of the room, the contractor will draw a map which details the route that the new wiring will take. Depending on the location of the cool room, the electrician may need to extend wires through cavity walls and into the cool room in order to secure the electrical supply. The contractor will then help you to plan the location of any power outlets or lights.

Adding new outlets and circuits

A new cool room will require new sets of fans and a condensation system. Depending on the setup, you may need to install a new circuit that will run from the electrical panel into the new cool room. Setting up a new circuit will prevent an overload of your current electrical system. An electrician can also help by installing new power outlets within the cool room so you can install additional appliances as needed.

Calculating the estimated power consumption

Finally, the electrical contractor will be able to help you to calculate the estimated power consumption of the cool room. To do this, they will look at the appliances, lights and fans within the room and calculate how many volts they require per hour. This number is then multiplied by the estimated monthly or yearly use. Because most cool rooms require 24/7 operation in order to keep food products chilled, it is likely that your estimated power consumption will be quite high. If you are concerned about the power consumption levels, you should speak with the electrician. The electrician will be able to offer you some power saving tips that will help to save you money while also protecting the environment.

If you are installing a new cool room and you would like further information or assistance, you should contact a professional electrical contractor today. An electrician will be happy to offer further help and advice.