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Why Fiberglass is the Best Material for your Pump Station's Wet Well Tank

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With companies spending millions of dollars on environmentally friendly strategies, this is the right time to start a wastewater management business. Firms are looking for service providers that can help them to manage the adverse environmental impact. As you would know, a pump station is an integral part of a wastewater management system. As such, it is critical to choose the right material for the system's wet well due to the corrosive nature of water being handled. In this regard, fiberglass offers clear benefits over other materials. This article highlights several reasons why fiberglass is considered superior.

Cost Effective Double Wall -- One of the best features that make fiberglass the go-to material for the wet well of a pump station is that it is possible to manufacture it in double walls. It is important to point out that while the same can be achieved with concrete, the costs involved will be massive. Notably, when starting out you need to keep your costs at a minimum, and fiberglass would be ideal. Additionally, the material is robust; therefore, it eliminates the possibility of wet well leaks thereby preventing contamination of the surrounding environment by wastewater.

Versatility -- As mentioned earlier, wastewater contains corrosive chemicals and gases that can eat into materials. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that your wet wells are constructed with materials that can withstand the effect of these gases and chemicals. Fiberglass is a sturdy material that is capable of resisting these elements. Other materials like steel and concrete would need the application of complimentary protective coatings to achieve the same capabilities. Additionally, a single fiberglass tank can be installed either horizontally for a shallow well or vertically for a deep well. The advantage of such versatility is that it increases the possibilities of a pump station configuration. 

Easy Customization -- Several other materials used in the manufacture of wet well tanks such as concrete are subject to uncontrollable external elements such as contractor's skill and cure time. Due to the delicate nature of a wastewater management business, the last thing you want is worrying about issues you have no control. Therefore, you need a wet well tank that can easily withstand these elements to concentrate on core aspects of your business. Fiberglass offers you a chance to achieve this since it can be easily customized and configured to specifications of your pump station. In contrast, other materials like steel and concrete offer little breathing space in this regard as indicated earlier.

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