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Common Reasons Why Your Garage Doors Stop Working

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Considering the immense weight of garage doors coupled with the daily use that they have to endure, it is not uncommon for tour roller doors to experience some mechanical malfunctions at one time or another. Although one of the most typical reasons why your roller doors may not work is because your remote control batteries are dying, this is not the only cause for inoperability. Knowing the other culprits could make it easier to troubleshoot the issue with your garage doors and discern whether you require professional roller door repairs. So what are the common reason why your garage doors stop working?

The reverse sensors are impeded

Modern garage door designs will incorporate reverse sensors as a critical safety feature. These reverse sensors are situated on either end of the roller door tracks. If something is blocking the signal from one sensor to another, the reverse sensors are activated and they will either stop the garage doors from closing or will also raise them back up to open them completely.

The primary purpose of the reverse sensors is to minimise the risk of accidents caused by the garage doors closing while there is an object or a person underneath. Reverse sensors can be tripped by dirt collecting on their surface, so you may want to check if there is grime blocking the eye of the sensors. Cleaning them should get your roller doors back in working order.

The garage door springs have broken

Problems with your reverse sensors may seem innocuous, but issues that are cropping up from damaged springs should be taken with utmost seriousness. When the garage doors springs snap, they would not only impinge on the functioning of your roller doors, but they also increase the likelihood of the garage doors either causing property damage or inflicting grievous harm on someone. Carefully inspect the springs for damage, and cease any garage door operation if you find any broken springs. Call a professional garage roller door repair technician to thoroughly investigate the source of the breaks and remedy the problem.

It should also be noted that snapped garage door cables could also accompany broken springs. The reason that these forms of damage are concurrent is that without the springs controlling the weight distribution of the garage doors, the heaviness becomes too much for the cables. Do not try to connect the wires back, as any movement of the garage doors could increase the chances of the roller doors coming away altogether.