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4 Reasons to Opt for Professional vs DIY Concrete Drilling

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Concrete drilling has numerous applications. It's something commonly done on construction sites, but even residential projects can benefit from concrete drilling when walls need to be drilled through to run wires or fit fixtures and appliances. The process itself might seem fairly straightforward, and there are plenty of companies that hire out concrete drilling equipment. However, that doesn't mean you should drill through walls or floors yourself.

Here are just four reasons to rely on professional concrete drilling rather than going DIY.

1. Avoid Potential Injury

Watch a professional drill concrete, and you might wonder what all the fuss is about. Do it yourself, and you'll risk injury. Drills might seem like efficient tools, but they can be tricky to handle when you aren't experienced or don't know the grade of concrete you're going through. You could lose control, so kickback injuries are relatively common. People also tend to underestimate the amount of dust released during drilling. If you don't protect yourself, you could end up breathing it in.

2. Avoid Hitting Anything

One of the first things a concrete drilling contractor will do when they visit your home is pull out a ground penetrating radar (GPR) and start scanning the area you want to drill through. If there's any pipes, loose wires, rebars or trapped pockets of air, they'll know they are there. If you do the project yourself, you might not know what you're drilling through.

3. Gauge Stability

In the vast majority of cases, the concrete that helps make up your walls and floors will be perfectly stable, but that's not a guarantee. Concrete can grow unstable over time, and you're only going to make things worse by drilling through it. A professional contractor will be able to locate any weak spots and either take the correct measures to drill through safely or determine where else to drill. If you do the job yourself, you could end up drilling through unstable concrete and cause serious property damage.

4. Less Hassle                            

Finally, keep in mind that even successful DIY concrete drilling often ends up taking more time than people expected. You need to research what equipment to rent, pick it all up, deal with the concrete drilling itself and then pack everything up and clean the area. It takes a lot out of you, so why not enjoy the convenience of a professional service instead?               Even if you don't mind the work, you'll almost certainly prefer to get things settled faster.