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Window Restoration: Simple Steps for Painting Wooden Frames

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If the wooden window frames in your home are worn out, you can choose to replace the entire feature. This process is ideal for your residential building if the windows are highly damaged or extremely old. If your timber frames have superficial wear and can be salvaged, you should think about repainting the elements instead. Repainting is inexpensive and efficient, and you will improve the appeal and durability of the window frames. Here are essential steps to help you get the best results while restoring your windows.

Scrape the Old Paint

The appearance of the window frames will not be appealing if you paint over layers of old damaged coats. Therefore, it is advisable to scrape the surfaces of the frames thoroughly to eliminate the old layers to create a fresh surface for your paint job. When scraping, you must be careful not to damage the wood. After removing the old coatings, you should clean the window. Sweep the debris with a brush and then wipe the frames before proceeding.

Sand the Surfaces

It is advisable to sand the wooden window frames before painting. Scraping will eliminate the old paint coats, but the process will not deal with imperfections. For instance, there might be gouges and scratches on the frames. Ideally, you should use sandpaper for this task. If you choose to use equipment, there will be a higher chance of scraping the glass. The damage could necessitate pane replacement, increasing the costs of your project.

Remove the Hardware

You should remove the hardware attached to your windows before beginning the paint process. If you decide to paint while the hardware such as the stays and handles are attached, you might not be able to access all parts of the frames. In addition, you might paint the components and cause some damage. As long as you have a screwdriver and other simple tools, you should be able to handle the task. You can mask the glass panes if you wish to do so. However, this is not essential. Glass can be scraped and cleaned quite easily, so there is no need to complicate your work.

Paint the Frames

Finally, you can commence with painting once your preparations are completed. Painting the wooden frames is a simple task if you have quality paint. Therefore, you must ensure that you have purchased paint with optimal compatibility with timber. Also, the material should provide protection against water damage and improve the appeal of the frames. Use a good angle brush to coat the surfaces of the wood thoroughly.