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Commercial Refrigeration: Four Crucial Guidelines for Freezer Room Construction

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If your commercial freezer is not working as expected, you should plan for repairs. Immediate restoration is crucial to avoid the spoilage of goods. Moreover, if the refrigerator is neglected while malfunctioning, there is a higher chance of complete and irreversible breakdown. In general, most freezer problems can be solved through the repair of the cooling components or restoration of the structure. Unfortunately, if your refrigeration unit is old, repairs will not restore peak performance. You will need to replace your freezer to promote optimal cooling and convenience. Here are simple tips to help during the construction of your new freezer.

Think about Storage Capacity

When replacing your commercial freezer, you should take advantage of the situation and build a unit that perfectly matches your storage needs. In simple terms, it is important to evaluate your storage requirements before designing and installing a new refrigeration unit. In general, when choosing the optimal capacity, you should think about both current and future storage needs. Keep in mind that freezers are designed to last for a long time. Therefore, the space should be capable of accommodating your increasing needs as your business grows.

Compare the Design Options

You should compare the different types of structural designs when choosing a commercial freezer. Often, people opt for a standard stock freezer because it is more convenient. In simple terms, it is possible to purchase a suitable freezing appliance from a speciality dealer. However, if you are interested in meeting your precise business needs, it is advisable to consider custom freezer room construction. In general, this process involves using modular panels to create a custom structure and then incorporating the cooling system.

Consider the Shelving

The shelving is an important aspect to consider when building or installing a commercial freezer. These elements will determine the placement of the pertinent goods once the structure is completed. You must ensure that the racking in the freezer will allow for convenient storage. When designing the shelves, you should think about maximising the interior space. These features should allow for the placement of the maximum volume of items without compromising refrigeration capabilities. In addition, your shelving should facilitate convenient access of the goods.

Check Special Features

Finally, you should think about the special features which can be incorporated into the commercial freezer design. Valuable features to consider include automatic defrost, emergency escape and self-closing doors. In addition, you should look for a weatherproof structure, better interior lighting and rebated doors. If you are interested in other unique features, consult your speciality contractor.