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How a New Cladding System Can Help You With Your Energy Efficiency as Well

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Sometimes, a homeowner is faced with several capital cost projects that will undoubtedly eat into the annual budget and that may have to be prioritised. It can be difficult to weigh one up against the other, especially if each one is quite important and designed to improve the quality of life. Occasionally, however, one solution can make up for the lack of the other one and can, consequently, be very cost-efficient. This is the case when it comes to external cladding, so why should you consider this from several different angles?

Making a Choice

Many people struggle with the heat of an Australian summer. You and your family may have decided to do something about this before the next season and might be thinking about an upgrade to the air-conditioning system. However, you do need to pay attention to the condition of the building envelope itself and should spend some money on external renovation. The good news here is that you can choose to add external cladding to the building, which will not only help to protect the property but will also help to insulate it.

Cladding Advantages

Think about adding a cladding system that is designed to not just look good but to weatherproof the walls as well. There are many different solutions in the marketplace, and many of them are lightweight, fairly easy to install and great to look at. Crucially, they can help to insulate the home as well, and this will certainly cut down on the stress being suffered by your air-conditioning system. In this case, you may be able to keep the old system in place and simply turn it up, so that it lasts longer. You will notice a reduction in your monthly energy bill as well.

Time to Act

If you fail to do something about your outside wall, you may have to deal with additional issues once the rainy season rolls around. If water is beginning to penetrate the existing structure, then this could lead to dampness, mould or mildew and additional expenditure down the road.

Making Plans

Talk with your home improvement contractors and see what external cladding options they can suggest. They'll be able to provide you with some energy efficiency figures, and you may be able to project your cost savings. Maybe you can put off any work on the A/C system until next year and spread out your household budget a little more.