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Why Bitumen Spray Sealing Is a Quick, Clean and Effective Solution for Your Driveway

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If you want to spice up the look of your property and add some value before putting it up for sale, you may want to seal your driveway. Up until now, you've gone for that rustic look with loose pebbles everywhere, but you need to tidy things up to get top dollar for your property. Yet you don't want to create too much disruption and make a mess of your finely-manicured landscape, so what should you do?

Choose Bitumen

As you know, there are many different ways to pave a driveway, but your fundamental choice will be between concrete and asphalt. It's certainly a lot easier to lay down the latter, but you can make it easier again by choosing bitumen instead. This is certainly less intrusive, can be done rather quickly and will create a good impression.

Simple and Effective

When you want to install a driveway based on bitumen, bring in a company familiar with the spray sealing technique. They'll be able to make use of your existing driveway as an underlay, and so long as it's relatively flat, they can get started right away.

Bitumen Spray

The magic is in the solution, as the bitumen, (which is one of the active ingredients in asphalt anyway), can be sprayed directly onto the existing surface. It comes out of the machine as a very fine mist and will immediately take on a sticky consistency when it lands. The contractor will then add a layer of small aggregate on top, and it'll immediately stick to the bitumen.

Further Work

Next, they may run a road roller fitted with rubberised tyres across the installation to make it as flat as possible. They may spray another layer of bitumen on top of that, followed by yet another layer of very fine aggregate. The aggregate will eventually form a tight barrier, which will repel water and maintain its composure for many years ahead.

Saving Your Landscape

You'll be glad to see that this work can be contained to the area in question, and it will not affect your adjacent landscaping at all.

Getting Under Way

You will undoubtedly want to get this work done quickly so that you can get your home on the market and move on with your plans. To start the ball rolling, talk with a contractor that offers bitumen spray sealing services, and they will be able to give you a quote.