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Benefits of Skylight Windows in Micro Homes

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Micro homes refer to a section of the tiny home movement. The difference between a traditional tiny home and a micro home is in how you use it. They are roughly the same amount of square footage and the blueprints are also roughly the same. The big difference is that tiny homes tend to be for travel or for short-term living. A micro home is meant for long-term living and is usually placed on a sort of permanent foundation. If you are considering a micro home-style of living, the windows may turn out to be a vital choice in the construction. Here are some benefits to choosing skylight windows and how they can help your micro home lifestyle.

Natural Light

One of the leading issues with having a micro home or tiny home is with lighting. Because of the space limitations, traditional lighting may not be ideal. This leaves you with limited options; however, one of those options is natural light. When you add skylights you have the benefit of not only natural light but also the light from above coming down into the room instead of just the sides of the home. This gives you more light for a longer amount of time during the day. It also illuminates the area in a similar way as traditional ceiling lighting would. 


Ventilation is vital in a micro home for several reasons. The main reason is that most micro homes do not offer a traditional HVAC unit. This means that if the home gets too hot or steamy or needs to be ventilated, you may only have the option of using a small fan in the kitchen area of the home or opening the main door and side windows. If you have skylights in the upper level of the micro home and throughout the ceiling, you can ventilate the upper level easily. This means you can also air out and ventilate the loft following a cleaning or allow further air movement during warmer months. 

Energy Efficiency

Setting the temperature in your micro home and maintaining that temperature can be difficult. This is especially true when you have only small cooling and heating devices and a layout that only has one main area of airflow from the front to the back of the home. If this is the case for you, then a skylight may be an ideal option. Skylights can both bring in cool air and bring in heat. This means you can turn to your skylights as a source of heating and cooling and use your main heating and cooling sources only when needed. 

If you think a skylight window, or several, may be ideal for your micro home plans, contact your local contractor. They can help with the window ordering, installation, and any questions you have about maintenance. They can also help you figure out other ways to use the skylights in the micro home to help with design and space as well.