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The Pros of Incorporating Non-Destructive Digging Into Your Construction Project

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When your construction project warrants the excavation of the earth, as most projects do, you and your construction contractors need to decide what will be the best technique. And while it may seem easier to simply stick to traditional methods that you are accustomed to, you may want to consider integrating new technology into your project by opting for non-destructive digging.

Also referred to as vacuum excavation, this technique employs sucker trucks that work via pressurised water jets, air suction and compression to carry out the job. Certainly, this sounds complex and, at the outset, may seem more expensive than conventional excavation. But the benefits you are set to reap are not confusing. Read on for a few of the pros of incorporating non-destructive digging into your construction project.

Superior versatility

Unquestionably, the foremost advantage that non-destructive digging offers any construction site is superior versatility when compared to traditional techniques. Vacuum excavation is highly suited to digging up around utilities that are located underground such as storm drains, plumbing pipes, telecommunication cables and so on.

In addition to this, non-destructive digging can be employed for an assortment of projects including, but not limited to, trenching, fence installation, landscaping, potholing and much more. So whether you require excavation during your new home build or if you require these services for the installation of a new fence, vacuum excavation will be a suitable solution for your needs.

Minimal degradation

The second advantage that vacuum excavation offers over its conventional parts is minimal degradation of your constriction site, and this translates into elevated safety. If your construction site is located in an urban area, it is probably riddled with vital utilities below ground.  A presumption that some people make is thinking that the utilities will be well-mapped, so they simply need to locate a few and they will have an idea of what is going on underground. However, this is a gross misconception. The reality is that these pipes and utility lines could be intertwined, and this can make gaining access into the ground a challenging process.

With non-destructive digging, the contractors do not require ample room to navigate since the equipment can manoeuvre the site with minimal access. Therefore, your contractors can steer clear from the utilities, keeping them safe from harm. Moreover, since vacuum excavation does not unearth a substantial amount of land, you can also rest assured that your site will not suffer degradation in the process.