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A Few Things a Building Surveyor Inspector Might Do When Working on Your Building Project

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If you are going to be having a construction project done sometime soon, then you might have been told that it's a good idea for you to work with a building surveying inspector. A building surveying inspector might do a variety of things while assisting with your building project. Of course, this depends on how the inspector likes to do things and what the ins and outs of your project are, but these are a few things that you may expect your building surveyor inspector to do.

Talk With Multiple People Who Are Involved in the Project

Your building surveying inspector will be in contact with a variety of people who are working on your project. They might work with the general contractor and the architect quite regularly while everything is being done. Additionally, they might sit down and talk with you about the project, both at the beginning of the project (such as when you first hire them) and at other points throughout. Typically, they will provide you with their contact information so you can always get in contact them if you have any questions or concerns.

Check Over and Help With the Design Process

One reason why building surveyor inspectors often work with architects on building projects is that they actually help them with their designs. The architect will usually have most of the ideas and will draw out sketches of what they have in mind, but the inspector will then look over the design to make sure that it's in line with the necessary building codes and regulations. They may suggest that certain changes be made to the design and may assist the architect with making those changes to ensure that the design and building plans are done properly.

Check Out and Help With Permit Applications

Once your design is completed and it's almost time to get started with building, your general contractor will typically need to apply for permit approvals. After all, a permit might be required before they can ever start legally building. In many cases, inspectors are well-aware of what government agencies are looking for when looking over these permit applications, so they typically help with the application process. They can often increase the chances of the permit applications being approved and can help prevent delays with this process. This is a good thing, since it can impact how soon your contractor can get started with the building process.

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