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3 Reasons Why You Might Need a Land Surveyor Before Starting a Construction Project

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Purchasing land for a construction project is a delicate process. It is also capital intensive, and you should be careful not to lose your money. One of the simple and effective ways to conduct your due diligence is by getting a surveyor's report about the land. They can help you determine whether the boundaries, soil type, terrain and other physical aspects are favourable.

Here are three benefits you get from hiring a land surveyor before starting the project.

They Help Prepare for the Construction

The land surveyor helps you prepare for the construction process, like a structural engineer helps with the architectural design. The role of the surveyor is to assess the potential of the land. They will research the size, mark the actual boundaries and check the structure of the soil to determine whether the land is suitable for the project you have in mind. Some problems they might discover and alert you about include the land being on a flood plain. Areas prone to flooding are challenging to construct but not impossible with the recommended measures. 

They Help Determine the Actual Size of the Land 

The professionals also help you determine the actual size of the piece of land. Sometimes people assume they understand how far their property spans by looking at the physical boundaries. However, the only way to accurately determine the size of a lot is by consulting the surveyor. They will help mark the actual property lines and protect you from mistakes like encroaching onto other people's property during construction. Such errors can cost you a lot of money because you might even have to bring down the entire building if the person whose land you encroach upon sues you. A land survey protects you from such liabilities.

They Help You Get the Correct Value of the Lot

The professionals also help you get the correct value for the lot of lands you are about to purchase. You cannot clearly grasp the actual worth of the parcel of land when you're unsure about the boundaries, any liens and encumberments, and the topography. The surveyor brings everything into perspective for you to determine whether you want to pay that much for the land. 

Involving a land surveyor in the process is the best way to avoid countless issues that might crop up during the land survey process. Consult with a competent one before starting the project and avoid unnecessary complications.